About Jane

I am originally from the UK where I grew up in the countryside with multiple dogs in my life. I used to sleep with my Grandfather's English Setter in his basket when I was tiny, so it's not surprising that I should end up working with dogs.

My first personal dog, Scuba, was a big doofy Briard and so started my journey into dog training. He was huge, but scared of everything. I wanted so much to help him, so started looking into behaviour and training to make our human world a less scary place for him. He was a work in progress for his whole 10 years of life. He competed in Rally O and even did a wee stint at dances with dogs, so anything is possible! He was gorgeous!

From that moment on I was hooked and got my 2nd dog when Scuba was 3 years old. Ruku, a Large Musterlander became my heart dog over the 13 years and 8 months that he was part of my life. He was a tricky dog to train, as he was soft natured, though with a strong natural urge to chase.

He excelled at being a demo dog for showing tricks and helping with instructing and a great partner working with reactive dogs.

We competed in agility, and although I retired him at 4 1/2 years old we continued to train in Obedience, Rally O  and tricks for the rest of his life.

We are currently living with our 3 dogs, Mono, 7 years old (Large Munsterlander x Heading dog), Tink, 3 years old (Cocker Spaniel x Heading dog) and Potter, 1 year old (Large Munsterlander x Border Collie).

  • Mono competes in Agility at Senior and Jumpers A level, in Rally Obedience at Advanced level and Flygility at Advanced level.

  • Tink competes in Agility in Starters/Novice and has just moved up a grade to Jumpers B. She also does Rally O and Flygility. My daughter has started running her in agility, in both Junior Dog Training (JDT) and Elementary C.

  • Potter is just a pup, we are working on Agility and sports foundation skills, and general games for building a great all round family dog. My daughter will be running him in competition in the future.

My learning interests lie in all areas of dog sports, as well as canine/animal health and behaviour.

Training History

I am proud to be one of the founding members of both Association of Pet Dog Trainers NZ (APDTNZ), and NZ Association of Rally Obedience (NZARO).

I instructed at Central Allbreeds Dog Training School in Wellington, teaching multiple grades of pet dog classes, as well as introducing Rally Obedience classes to the club. I also instructed Agility at Dog Agility Wellington, (DAWG) for a number of seasons.

 I am a certified Pro Dog Trainer, with continued training through Absolute Dogs in the UK

I have also recently gained my Trick Dog Instructor Certification through Do More With Your Dog, so onwards for Trick classes!

I regularly attend seminars, work through online training, as well as regularly listening to behaviour podcasts to keep up to date with current training methodologies.

I recently joined over 3000 other trainers world wide with the fabulous online 30 Days of Canine Science Challenge through The School Of Canine Science, UK.

attended a 3 day practical Tracking and Scenting workshop by the amazing Steve White in Auckland (ProActive K9 (USA)).

A road trip to the Wairarapa to a fabulous Megan Bell (Epic Agility (AUS)) agility workshop. Working all 3 dogs at their different levels.

I am a long term member, of Susan Garrett's H360 and Agility Nation programs and have previously completed her Recallers program, based around training through games.

Future learning -2020

 - Scent for Six by The School Of Canine Science (UK) on the 1st December 2019

 - Looking at studying canine conditioning in 2020

 - Continuing to advance my learning through the Absolute Dogs - ProDog program

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