About Jane

I am originally from the UK where I grew up in the countryside with multiple dogs in my life. I used to sleep with my Grandfather's English Setter in his basket when I was tiny, so it's not surprising that I should end up working with dogs.

My first personal dog, Scuba, was a big doofy Briard and so started my journey into dog training. He was huge, but scared of everything. I wanted so much to help him, so started looking into behaviour and training to make our human world a less scary place for him. He was a work in progress for his whole 10 years of life. He competed in Rally O and even did a wee stint at dances with dogs, so anything is possible! He was gorgeous!

From that moment on I was hooked and got my 2nd dog when Scuba was 3 years old. Ruku, a Large Musterlander became my heart dog over the 13 years and 8 months that he was part of my life. He was a tricky dog to train, as he was soft natured, though with a strong natural urge to chase.

He excelled at being a demo dog for showing tricks and helping with instructing and a great partner working with reactive dogs.

We competed in agility, and although I retired him at 4 1/2 years old we continued to train in Obedience, Rally O  and tricks for the rest of his life.

We are currently living with our 3 dogs, Mono, 8 years old (Large Munsterlander x Heading dog), Tink, 5 years old (Cocker Spaniel x Heading dog) and Potter, 2 year old (Large Munsterlander x Border Collie).

  • Mono competes in Agility at Senior and Jumpers A level, in Rally Obedience at Advanced level and Flygility at Advanced level.

  • Tink competes in Agility in Starters/Novice and has recently moved up a grade to Jumpers B. She also does Rally O and Flygility. My daughter has started running her in agility, in both Junior Dog Training (JDT) and Elementary C. Tink is also a fabulous scent dog, though I have had no time to compete with her as yet, I hope too in the future. 

  • Potter is my soft natured loveable young boy. He is my demo dog, so if you are doing classes with us, he is the one that will show you how things are done and also likes a quick snuggle to safe hi before we start! He has just started competing in Agility, starting his career with a few wins in his first competition and and a couple of placings and ribbons in his first Championship level competition as well. A fabulous start from my gorgeous young lad. 

My learning interests lie in all areas of dog sports, as well as canine/animal health and behaviour.

Training History

I am proud to be one of the founding members of both Association of Pet Dog Trainers NZ (APDTNZ), and NZ Association of Rally Obedience (NZARO).

I instructed at Central Allbreeds Dog Training School in Wellington, teaching multiple grades of pet dog classes, as well as introducing Rally Obedience classes to the club. I also instructed Agility at Dog Agility Wellington, (DAWG) for a number of seasons.

 I am a certified Pro Dog Trainer, with continued training through Absolute Dogs in the UK

I have also recently gained my Trick Dog Instructor Certification through Do More With Your Dog, so onwards for Trick classes!

I regularly attend seminars, work through online training, as well as regularly listening to behaviour podcasts to keep up to date with current training methodologies.

In 2019 I joined over 3000 other trainers world wide with the fabulous online 30 Days of Canine Science Challenge through The School Of Canine Science, UK.

attended a 3 day practical Tracking and Scenting workshop by the amazing Steve White in Auckland (ProActive K9 (USA)).

In 2019 we went on a road trip to the Wairarapa to a fabulous Megan Bell (Epic Agility (AUS)) agility workshop. Working all 3 dogs at their different levels.

I am a long term member, of Susan Garrett's H360 and Agility Nation programs and have previously completed her Recallers program, based around training through games.

In 2020 I completed Scent for Six by The School Of Canine Science (UK)

Continued learning through the Empowered Dog Free International Seminar learning from multiple trainers and business specialists from around the world.

Future learning - 2022

 - Working through 'Puppy Lab' by The School Of Canine Science (UK)

- The Behaviour Bible (3 year behavioural course) - The School Of Canine Science (UK)

 - Continuing to advance my learning through the Absolute Dogs - ProDog and Geek programs